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Dreadnought Capital, with STT and Computershare, is building a truly African Trade Repository solution to comply with international OTC regulation requirements and provide the South African and African market with a seamless world-class product offering.   

The Trade Repository is being created as a direct result of the global financial crises of 2008, reflecting the fundamental regulatory changes in the derivatives landscape.  The OTC derivative market is generally considered to be far larger in value and volume than the exchange traded market, but given its opaque nature, the exact size is difficult to estimate.   It was the opaqueness that complicated international regulator’s responses to the global financial crisis, as the extent of the contagion from the OTC contracts between banks was not known.    It was these OTC instruments that gave derivatives a bad name and were widely blamed for exacerbating the global financial crisis.  The fallout from the crisis, and the inability to take effective corrective action was the catalyst to G20 regulators proposing new, far reaching measures to regulate and monitor OTC contracts on a global scale.

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